Terms of Service

I hereby authorize you to charge my Credit Card for the total amount due according to the following terms of service:

1) A Credit Card on file is required for ALL reservations. Customer agrees to pay any unforeseen charges e.g. extended service time (hourly), extra destinations, waiting time, parking and tolls.

2) Transfer/Airport rates are based on a flat rate and do not include a 10% partial gratuity, extra wait time exceeding 30 minutes, additional stops, parking fees, tolls, Dulles Greenway and 495 express which if any will be added to the total price at the end of the trip. Metropolitan Washington Airports Regulations (MWAR section 5.43) requires a $4 access fee to enter IAD or DCA effective November 1, 2015 to all transportation companies with up to 8 passengers on board including driver. Due to this new regulation all drivers are required to park or wait in the designated areas to make only 1 pass through the airport when all passengers are ready. Payment due same day as pickup date. Modest chauffeur gratuity appreciated.

3) Hourly/Package rates are calculated based on an hourly rate and charged to the next hour after 10 minutes past the final hour. The rates listed online do not include a 12% service fee (Fuel, tolls, vehicle preparation), or parking fees  if any will be added to the total price. A deposit of 25% for the total reservation amount is required at time of booking.  Balance due and processed 6 days prior to the reservation date. Modest chauffeur gratuity appreciated.

4) Bus reservations to/from Washington DC may require an additional $50.00 fee for a DC trip permit. See the rules by DC Transportation Authority.

5) Service begins at the scheduled pickup time, or when the customer, group, or passengers enter the vehicle, whichever occurs first.

6) We will honestly maintain the schedule submitted by our customer, group, passengers after the first initial pickup, but such schedule is not guaranteed and we will not be liable for delays caused by incorrect itinerary information, last minute changes, traffic, acts of God, strikes, riots, authorities of law, terrorists, hazards, dangers of inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, accidents, breakdowns or any other condition beyond our control. We have the right to exchange vehicles should a mechanical issue take place during service.

7) Cancellation Policy

Hourly/Packages: Deposits are non-refundable after 48 hours of booking reservation or if reservation is within 10 days of original pickup date. No shows and reservation cancellations within 14 days of pickup will be charged 100% of total price.  Coach Bus the 56 passenger reservations will be charged 100% of total price with no cancellations or refunds once booked.

Transfer/Airport: Cancellation of airport pickup/drop-off require at least a 24 hour notice, less than 4 hours and no shows will be charged 100% of total price.

Cancellations must be made by phone. If no representative is available by phone please send a cancellation email prior to the reservation. Voice mails are not accepted as a cancellation.

8) Use of the vehicle for any illegal activity will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to terminate service and charge full amount of services if chauffeur finds any passenger in the vehicle conducting illegal activity or with any illegal substance.

9) Passengers that are under 21 years of age will not be allowed in any vehicle when alcoholic beverages are present unless accompanied by an adult over 21. We reserve the right to terminate service and charge full amount of services if chauffeur finds any passengers under 21 years of age in the vehicle with an alcoholic beverage.

10) Smoking is not allowed. Any signs of smoking will result in a minimum mandatory $275.00 cleaning fee. If smoking is detected by the chauffeur we reserve the right to terminate service and charge full amount of services.

*____________________Initials (online confirmation electronic signature confirms initials)

11) Excessive Clean up, Damage or Repairs are the responsibility of the customer, group, or passengers. Excessive clean up fees may be assessed for trash, unsanitary debris, regurgitation, gum, smoking, etc or spills left in the vehicle. Excessive clean up fee, damage and or repairs shall have a minimum charge of $275.00.

*________________ Initials (online confirmation electronic signature confirms initials)

12) Broken or missing bar glasses will result in a replacement charge of $15.00 each.

13) We are not liable for any property or personal effects left in the vehicle by the customer, group or passengers. Please take any valuables with you when exiting the vehicle.

14) We have the right to use any of our affiliates to contract or subcontract any customer, group, or passenger’s reservation.

Signature of customer, group, or passenger (written or electronic) constitutes full and complete understanding of this agreement and will advise ALL passengers of our terms of service.

X ________________________________ Date________________ sign and mail to us or see next line.

Authorization Email: You may reply to this email by stating "I authorize these charges and agree to the terms of service".