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Use Non-Emergency Transportation to Get to Your Doctor's Appointment on Time

If you have a friend or loved one needing medical treatment or is elderly, non emergency transportation may be a solution for their doctor appointments and daily travels. This is good because they get personalized service each and every time they have to get non emergency treatment. It is not just for checkups, but outpatient surgery as well. Example, you may want to avoid driving because you could be a danger to yourself and other drivers on the road. Maybe you don't or can't drive yourself to the doctors or hospital and back to your residence due to a post-surgery condition. In this kind of situation, you will probably benefit the most with Dulles Limousine at your service.

This form of transportation can be for anyone regardless of age so long as they have a pressing need for it. We can also transport to other appointments upon request. Traveling in a chauffeured sedan reduces stress and creates convenience.

Doctor visits what's included?

Our experienced chauffeur will transport you from your residence to your appointment, wait and then bring you back to your residence in a luxury sedan. The chauffeur will also assist you inside to your appointment and back to the car as requested. Should your appointment extend 3 hours then the chauffeur could leave or stay per your request.


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